“…teachers not included.”

By Traci S. Sanders

Remember when you thought you were always right? No…I’m not talking about the teenage years, although I’m guessing, that could also apply. I’m talking about the single digits. You probably see this with your kids, this absolute “It’s True!” attitude that you can’t argue with and get very far…at all. 

In retrospect, they’re pretty curious, often amusing, and sometimes hilarious, but in the moment, you probably resemble a thoughtful, smirking, or laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying emoji, and, oh, if emojis had sound…that might be even more accurate (maybe someday:) 

So, what’s your favorite “Wow! Was I wrong” moment in your childhood? I bet it will make you laugh – or cringe – and probably the person you share it with. Here’s mine, well, one of many…

When I was 7, I was positive that teachers came with the school, not part of the school…with the school. 





I have no idea why I thought this, nor did I have any reason not to believe it. I mean, when I showed up at school my teachers were there, and when I left, well, they were still there. The next day, same thing…

Fast forward to the end of the year, and I overheard (well, eavesdropped) on a conversation between teachers, one of whom was moving. To me, I couldn’t figure out how a teacher moved schools – did the moving truck come? At some point during this conversation the proverbial bulb turned on. I actually think my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe it! Teachers were human! 

I didn’t tell anyone what I learned that day, because that would have required me telling them what I thought before that day, and, at this point, I was embarrassed; well, embarrassed, yet, incredibly grateful that I was so sure of myself I hadn’t asked anyone if it was true.

But if I had shared it, well…I’m sure there would have been a lot of laughter, maybe not with me in the room, but later?! I can only imagine…

So, the next time your child says something that makes you laugh, smile, or simply shake your head, write it down…you’ll be glad you did and so will they… 😊


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