Once Upon a Time: Thoughts at the End of a School Year

Traci S. Sanders

It has been quite a year. My daughter just finished high school; my son is about to
begin. It’s a time of excitement, but also reflection. A time to think about their future,
but savor the past.

And so, I find myself lingering at photos taken, words written, art created; but
mostly, I find myself drawn to their shelves, because there I can look at their favorite
books and find my favorite memories. I think about reading to them on the bench in
the park, the porch at our house, and, at night, tucked under the covers. I think about
all their funny questions, their profound insights, their childlike innocence, and the
best sound in the world – their laughter.

And then I think about all their passionate interests and our walks to the bookstore
to learn more about them. And I wonder: did their interests lead to the books or the
books to their interests. Irrespective, they made them who they are; it is their literary DNA, the words intertwined with their very being.

And so, when I look at their childhood books, I see not only what they loved, but
how they lived. Their shelves tell their story.

Thus, as the school year comes to a close, I wish you and your child a summer full of
memories and a shelf full of books to capture each one.

Enjoy every moment.