Moving Hair

Traci S. Sanders

Looking at childhood photos with my children often results in two sounds: “Awww” for the cute ones and “Ahhh!” for the, let’s just say, awkward years. Case in point…my first haircut.

Right before my family moved, my mom decided that my sisters and I should get a Dorothy Hamill haircut. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t look nearly as cute in this haircut as Dorothy Hamill. As my long, thick, curly hair fell to the floor, it surprised me that the hair on my head looked different than the person it was named after. This should not have come as a shock, since straight and thin hair – like Dorothy’s – and curly, thick hair – like mine – didn’t even remotely resemble each other, even if it was the same style,

As I left the salon, I kept trying to make my hair lay flat on my head. Push – boing! Push – boing! “Why wasn’t this working?” I thought. My hair looked like someone had turned a bird’s nest upside down. Of course, my sisters agreed with me. Fortunately, for them, they had straight, thin hair, so at least people could see a Dorothy Hamill resemblance, while mine was apparently a roost.

And so, I entered a new school with a new haircut, and by the response, one that hadn’t been seen before.

I suppose what I learned from this debacle was: never get a haircut before school, especially a new school. Trim? Yes. Haircut? No.

Yet, as horrible as this seems (and it was), trust me – the pictures are floating around on Facebook – this story does have a happy ending, because…

I made a friend. Actually, I sort of resembled someone who became my friend. “Is that a Dorothy Hamill haircut?” she asked one day. I couldn’t believe it. Someone could tell. Then I turned around. “I got one too.” It was friends at first sight.

So, as you take photos of your child’s first haircut – and document the ones along the way – be ready for “Awww;” be ready for “Ahhh!” And be ready for lots and lots of stories. Haircuts have a way of bringing out the best.