A New Kind of Family Tree

Traci S. Sanders

There is always a first. There is always a favorite…

We capture them in photos; we treasure and protect them. They are our child’s past – an extension of who they are and, perhaps, a glimpse of who they will become.

I was thinking about this the other day, because I realized how little we often know about our own family members’ milestones – those we know and those we have never met. Maybe we took our first steps at the same age or shared a favorite book; loved the dentist or cried at the barber; struck out at bat or made the game-winning goal. Maybe we don’t even share the milestone, but the story is so good it deserves to be told.

In the wake of an upcoming family reunion, I thought how wonderful it would be if everyone shared their firsts and their favorites. And, if they didn’t know, perhaps there would be someone in the room, or someone to call, that would remember; a way to capture the past of all those present.

And so, whether written or recorded, catch these lifetimes of milestones, and all the memories that come with them, because you never know…who will discover, who will connect, who will inspire (and be inspired), who will laugh, who will cry, and who will say “…you know, you’re just like…”