This Generation Gap moment brought to you by…

Traci S. Sanders

Wherever you are, you’ll hear it – the generation gap.

Today, at a college football game, was the latest.

College-age son (heading to game that started an hour ago): “Mom, can you look on your phone to see the score?”

Mom: “Why don’t we just go in the stadium and be surprised?”

Son: “”Why, when you can just look on your phone?”

Ahhh, it happens to the best of us; the smartest of us; the wisest of us…Because, well, times change and things change.

But, you know what changes the least among us? Milestones: First Words, First Steps, Losing a Tooth, First Haircut. And the list goes on.

It is the moments we all have in common. Maybe they are shared in a different way – camera, video, on FaceTime, through Skype – but they are shared. And the feelings they engender are pretty similar – for children and their parents.

So, while we may find the generation gap becoming more common as our children get older, rest assured, when they get to be our age, and their children theirs, we will, again, share life’s most wonderful moments. It is that which binds us, no matter the year we were born.







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