“The tax man cometh…”

Traci S. Sanders

Want to hear one of the best ideas out there?

Not so long ago, I walked into a restaurant and the guy behind the counter starts sharing his friend’s story. Here it is:

Every time his friend received money – for birthdays (starting with the first) and holidays, his dad took half. My husband would call that “Dad Tax,” but his usually has to do with dessert. I’m not sure if that’s what this guy’s dad called it, but for this story, it works.

When this boy got old enough to realize what his dad was doing, the tradition was set. And so, every year, without fail, that’s what he did. “Dad Tax.”

Fast forward to his graduation from high school. Guess what his dad gave him for a gift? Thousands of dollars all saved from years and years of birthdays and holidays. Because, as his dad told him then (and I paraphrase): “If I gave it all to you, you would have spent it on what every boy, myself included, spent it on – candy, toys, gadgets – things you never would have saved; instead you’re starting life with a savings (and you still got to buy a bunch of that stuff). Congratulations son.”

To all those graduates out there – and those to come – Best Wishes!


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