Wise things come in small packages…

Traci S. Sanders

Birthdays are milestones, for the young and old alike. For some, it is a celebration; for others, a reflection.

I’m in the middle of all these birthdays; actually, a bit over the top. Yet I find myself in a peculiar place, going through what is, by all accounts, for the very young – picture books. The first time I read these, I didn’t realize just how much wisdom there was in those illustrated pages, but then I started reading. And I realized that so many are about love and compassion; hopes and dreams; loss and healing – in essence, growing up and growing old. Life gave me a new perspective by which to read these words, so while the words stayed the same, the meanings have changed.

That is the power of books. We come to them one way, yet leave as another. I used to think that books had an expiration date for when you could learn from them, even enjoy them. I was wrong. Because as we add to our story, the stories add to us.

So, this birthday, as the calendar moves forward one more year, I am incredibly grateful for the wisdom discovered, and rediscovered; and all within the pages of children’s timeless books.


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